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*These will not be done in any specific order

EXO: He Gets Jealous Because You Pamper Your Pet A Lot

EXO-M: Marriage Proposals

EXO: Apologizing After A Big Fight

EXO Kai: Something Romantic, Funny, and Interesting

EXO: When Another Member Makes You Cry And He Gets Angry

EXO: When You Have A Nightmare

EXO: When He Protects You From An Abusive Ex

EXO: How He Comforts You When You’re Crying

EXO: When You Watch A Scary Movie

ZE:A: Try to post more of them (No specific request yet)

BTOB: Try to post some (No specific request yet)

MBLAQ: When They Lost Something Dear To Them

CNBLUE: When You Are Very Cheery And He Wonders If You Like Him

CNBLUE: When You Two See A Child And Talk About the Future

Infinite: Cuddling

Infinite: When He Wants To Adopt A Pet With You

Super Junior: When You Get Jealous Because You Saw Female Idol Flirting With Him (Siwon, Henry, Zhou Mi, Hangeng, and Leeteuk)

Super Junior Kyuhyun: When You Play Volleyball Together

SHINee: Marriage Proposals

NU’EST: When He Gets Jealous Of Your Best Guy Friend/ When He Gets Jealous Over You Playing With Another Member

NU’EST: When You Have Really Bad Cramps

NU’EST: When He Gets Angry For No Reason

NU’EST: The Pocky Game

MYNAME: General scenario

GOT7: General Scenario

B.A.P: When You Catch His Eye At A Fan Meet

B.A.P: When He Wants You To Do Aegyo

B.A.P: Marriage Proposals

BTS Jungkook: When He Confesses

TVXQ/DBSK Yunho: Spending Less Time Together

Block B: When He Finds Out That You’re Pregnant

U-KISS Kevin: Wedding Day