U-KISS Scenario: When He Cheats On You And Wants You Back

Soohyun Version:

”____! ____! Please open up this door!” Soohyun begged while banging on the door that you had successfully changed the locks for.

  “Go away!” you shouted back crossing your arms across your chest.

  “Please _____, open this door!” he said.

  You ignored him while you stood by the door with your arms crossed.

  “Wow, for a person who found out about her man’s ‘other lady’, you sure are putting up well,” your friend said walking up to you while eating one of the small containers of ice cream.

  “Yeah, well I’m not gonna sit down and start crying about this… again…”

  Your friend sighed and nudged you out of the way.

  “What are you doing?” you asked.

  Your friend unlocked the door and opened it for Soohyun to get in.

  “Solving this problem and then hopefully being able to get some sleep,” she replied.

  Your friend closed and locked the door and then walked off to her room.

  You turned towards Soohyun, “Well? Get out.”

  Soohyun frowned, “_____, please, hear me out.”

  You sighed and nodded, “Fine.”

  “_____, I miss you! I miss your smile, your laugh, your kiss. I miss our dates. I miss your facial expressions, even the random ones that you throw out there just for laughs. I miss you so much. I know that what I did was wrong, I’m sorry!” Soohyun said quickly word after word.

  You didn’t reply and just looked at him.

  Soohyun suddenly got down on his hands and knees, “_____, I’m begging you.”

  You were taken back by what he was doing.

  “Soohyun, get up.” you hissed.

  Soohyun immediately got up, “____, you can even cheat on me to get equal. Please, I just want you back!”

  You couldn’t help but start giggling.

  “Soohyun, I would never cheat to get even with anyone and… I believe you. We can’t get back together yet, but I trust you and maybe we can go up to that level again,” you said.

  Soohyun grinned and pulled you into a breath taking hug, “Thank you _____, thank you. I will do my best to have you fall for me again and then I’ll be a better boyfriend then before. You can even handcuff me to you to keep a close eye on you or you ca-“

  You laughed, “Geez Soohyun.”


Hoon Version:

  “_____, could you please listen to me?” Hoon pleaded.

  “I have been listening to you Hoon and all I’m hearing are the same old words my

tried to use on me,” you said putting down your prepaid glass of water.

  Hoon looked down at his water.

  “Is there anything else you would like to say?” you asked not looking up at him.

  “Yes, I do. _____, you are my life. I promise you that you are. I recognize that cheating on you was a mistake. I’m sorry because I’m genuinely sorry, I’m not sorry because I got caught. Your ex may have used some of these words with you, but the only difference is that I mean these words. I’m not trying to trick you or hurt you anymore then I already have. I’m happy though, that you agreed to meet me out here and that you’ve listened to me talk, even if the words coming out of my mouth were repetitive. I hope we can settle this and maybe even get back together. I just can’t lose you, I can’t.”

  You stayed silent.

  Hoon stood up, “Thank you _____… I’ll let you be now,” he grabbed his coat and walked out.

  You felt your heart banging and your heart rate quickening.

  Maybe, you did really really love Hoon. Maybe, that’s why your heart reacted that way. Maybe, you had acted too harsh towards Hoon even though he had admitted his mistakes and apologized.

  You stood up and ran from the shop too.

  “Hoon!” you yelled, “Hoon!”

  You ran down the street, but he was no where to be found.

  You called out his name again and it started pouring.

  “Oh, just my luck today!” you shouted sitting on the curb.

  You started sobbing into your hands because it felt like the most natural thing to do.


  You turned and saw Hoon standing behind you with an umbrella over you.

  You stood up quickly and before Hoon could say anything, you hugged him.

  You pulled away, tears still slightly forming and dropping.

  “Sorry, I got you all wet now.”

  “That’s not important right now. You were outside in the rain and you could be sick,” Hoon said, wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

  You didn’t move a bit, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ignoring you when you tried to apologize. I’m sorry for making a scene at the store. I’m sorry for taking all your clothes and running them over with my car before going camping with my friends and using them to build a fire. I’m so-“

  Hoon stopped you by giving you a fierce kiss.

  “No _____, I’m the one who should be sorry. Now let’s go.”

  You nodded and let Hoon lead you to his car.

  “Wait, what about my clothes?” he asked on the way there.


Eli Version:

"No!!! I HATE YOU!!!" you shouted while struggling to get free.

  “_____… You’re attracting too much attention,” Eli said.

  “OH! I’m attracting too much attention?!? What kind of person shows up at their ex-girlfriend’s workplace, that they’ve cheated on, and swings her over their shoulder and tries to carry them away like it happens to people everyday?!?” you said frustrated.

  Eli doesn’t reply and continues to carry you somewhere.

  He walks for a bit and then finally sets you down on your feet.

  You dust yourself off and look Eli in the eye, “You know what? I hope you get arrested for attempting to kidnap me.”

  Eli chuckled, “I’m intending on letting you go.”

  “Okay, then bye,” you said beginning to walk away.

  Eli trapped you by pressing you against the wall, but still keeping you unharmed.

  “What are you doing?” you asked through clenched teeth.

  “_____, please listen to what I have to say,” Eli said.

  “Like I have a choice.”

  He ignored you, “Everyday, I think about you. Every time I close my eyes, I see you. The only thing is… I see you crying. Then, I remember that day when you found out. Please, all I want is you back.”

  You stayed silent then let out a sigh, “Eli, I-“

  “Even if this might seem frustrating, I won’t stop until we at least talk this out. Well, I guess I would have to if you moved away. Oh shot, I just gave you an idea. Please don-“

  You surprised Eli by pulling him into a kiss.

  “Stop rambling about this,” you said with your hands at the side of his face.

  “Does that mean…?”

  “We’re good,” you finished, kissing Eli again.


AJ Version:

You let out another cough and sneezed into the tissue.

  Your friend carried your food over to you.

  “How come the day you find out that…”

  “You can say it. It happened already, talking about it won’t do or change anything,” you said waving your hand.

  “Well, um… AJ cheated on that you start getting sick? What are the odds of that,” he finished awkwardly.

  “Oh come on,” your other friend said to her boyfriend, “It may be a natural occurrence for some people.”

  He snorted, “Yeah, rig- Ow!”

  Your friend had slapped his head and the doorbell went off.

  “I’ll go get it,” she said.

  “Where’s _____?!?” a voice asked.

  “Ah… In the living room…”

  Footsteps quickened and you saw AJ standing before you.

  “Speak of the devil,” your friend said, standing up.

  AJ saw you sitting on the couch and immediately came to you.

  “_____, are you okay?” AJ asked frantically.

  You nodded and let out a cough.

  “Here, we should go,” your friend said pulling her boyfriend’s arm.

  Once you and AJ were alone, there was an awkward silence.

  AJ sat on the couch next to you and started to feed you the soup.

  “I was taking a thinking walk when I heard that you had fallen ill,” AJ said softly, “So, I rushed over.”

  “What did you need a thinking walk for?” you asked.

  “I-I was thinking about me and you,” AJ admitted, “_____, I want to get back together again. I want to try this all over again and forget about our bad memories together.”

  You stayed quiet and AJ stopped feeding you.

  “Okay,” you replied softly.


  You smiled, “Okay.”


Kiseop Version:

Ever since you found out that Kiseop had been cheating on you, you tried to avoid him the best you could.

  It was really hard considering the fact that Kiseop had been following you around everywhere.

  In the morning, when you head to work, he would silently be keeping a look out on you. It was the same at work and after work.

  “_____, you can have a short break now,” your boss said.

  “Thanks,” you replied with a small smile.

  You took a stroll in the park and stopped in front of a tree that had your initials and Kiseop’s initials carved into it.

  You reached out and traced it, remembering all the good memories that you and Kiseop had.

  You felt and saw a hand on top of yours and turned to see Kiseop.

  “Good memories huh?” he asked.

  You nodded, “Yeah…”

  Kiseop frowned, “_____, I’m really sor-“

  “You’ve been following me,” you stated.

  “Yeah, bu-“

  “Why?” you asked, “You do know that stalking’s not nice and it’s probably illegal.”

  “_____, I know that in your viewpoint it’s stalking, but in my view, I’m just trying to look after you and making sure that you’re safe.”

  “Okay, so if in my viewpoint, you were cheating… What’s it in your viewpoint?” you asked.

  Kiseop looked down at the ground, “Cheating.”

  “Bad decision, smart answer,” you said beginning to walk away.

  Kiseop grabbed your arm to pull you back.

  “_____,” he said, tears threatening to fall, “Please…”

  You felt your stomach twisting and turning and you didn’t reply.

  Kiseop pulled you into a kiss while his tears were falling.


Kevin Version:

"Well, at least he admitted that he was cheating," your friend started.

  “Okay,” you said, continuing to flip through the magazine.

  “And he has been giving you some space,” she continued.

  “That or he’s dead, which I, by the way, would not care if he were,” you replied now furiously flipping through the pages.

  “Would you really not care if Kevin were dead?” she asked.

  You stayed silent and continued to flip through the magazine.

  Your friend sighed, “Okay, well, I gotta get to work,” she said before getting up and walking out the door.

  You set the now severely flipped through magazine down and buried your face in your hands.

  ‘What if Kevin is dead?’ you thought worriedly.

  You quickly picked up your phone and dialed Kevin’s number. It went to voice mail. You tried calling several more times and the attempts were fruitless.

  You got up quickly and ran out the door.

  You got into your car and drove to Kevin’s house where you rang the doorbell constantly until someone opened the door.

  “Kevin! You’re not dead!” you cried out, hugging Kevin the tightest that you could.

  “_____?” he asked surprised, “Wait… Dead?”

  You didn’t reply and continued to just hug him.

  Kevin smiled as he wrapped his arms around you too.


Dongho Version:

”_____, Dongho is sick!” your friend said, rushing into the apartment out of breath.

  You laughed, “Ha, like I would care.”

  You tried to take a bite of your cookie, but your friend knocked it out of your hand and on the ground.

  “This is serious _____! Soohyun said he tried calling you, but you wouldn’t answer so he called me and said Dongho is really really sick!”

  “How do I know that neither of you are lying? And, hey! That was a perfectly good cookie,” you said.

  She grabbed your arm and pulled you out of your chair, which was a result of you landing on the ground.

  “Let’s go!” she shouted while pulling you by the arm.


  “I don’t want to go in,” you said crossing your arms over your chest.

  Your friend had literally dragged you to the hospital.

  “Too late,” she opened the door and pushed you inside.

  “Yah!” you started banging on the door, but your friend had probably set something really heavy against the door because it wouldn’t budge.

  You let out a deep breath and turned around to see a very tired looking Dongho sleeping on the hospital bed.

  You walked over and sat on the chair next to the bed.

  “Hmm… ____? Is that really you?” Dongho asked, beginning to wake up.

  “Yeah, it is. Oh, don’t try to sit up,” you said.

  Dongho did as you told him and reached over to grab your hand.

  “So you are real?” Dongho asked, “I’m not dreaming?”

  You nodded, “Yeah, I’m real,” you replied softly.

  Dongho let out a smile, “I’ve been having dreams about this, but they don’t end up well.”

  You smiled and pulled your hand away from his because it was starting to get cramped.

  You cracked your knuckles and looked back at Dongho, who was now pouting.

  You laughed and put your hand back in his.

  “____, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed everything about you. I-I’m sorry that I cheated. I’m sorry. I really am. Oh gosh, I’m the most useless per-“

  You put a finger over his lips, “Shhh. It’s okay Dongho, we’ll talk about this after you get better.”


  “I promise.”