SHINee Scenario: When He Takes Care Of His/Your Child

Onew Version:

You came home to see Onew sharing his chicken with your daughter.

  “Ahhh,” Onew said as he held up a fork with a small piece of chicken on it.

  She let out a little giggle and opened your mouth.

  Onew smiled and fed her the chicken.

  You laughed and went to sit down next to Onew.

  “Did you two have a fun day today?”

  Onew nodded, “We ate chicken all day.”

  You turned to give him a look, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

  You turned towards your daughter who shook her head and clapped her hands in glee.


Jonghyun Version:

"Make sure if you smell something…off, that you check his diaper," you said.

  “Got it, bye,” Jonghyun replied leaning in for a kiss goodbye.

  “Bye bye baby! Mommy will be back soon,” you said, ignoring Jonghyun and leaning in to kiss your son on the cheek.

  He laughed when you tickled his chin.

  Jonghyun frowned, “Well, what about Daddy?”

  You smiled and gave Jonghyun a peck on the lips, “Bye!”

  Just as you closed the door, Jonghyun found that there was an unpleasant scent in the air.

  “Oh no you didn’t,” he said in horror as he held up the baby.


Key Version:

"Daddy, I wanna play tea party," your daughter chirps.

  “Honey,” Key said, looking around to see you nowhere in sight.

  He turned back and smiled, “Okay, let’s go have a tea party.”

  “Daddy, which dress?” your daughter asked as she held up a yellow and a blue dress.

  Key sat there deciding which one, “Hmmm… I like the blue one but the yellow one looks good too.”

  She laughed, “You’re gonna have to wear the other one.”

  Key smiled warily, “Oh really?”


Minho Version:

You came home to see Minho and your little boy playing soccer with each other on the front yard.

  You smiled when Minho picked up your child when he tripped over the ball and spun him around.

  You got out of the car and Minho kicked the soccer ball towards your feet.

  “Care to play?” he asked.

  You laughed and nodded as you grabbed the soccer ball and ran towards Minho and your child.

  “Okay, Mommy’s the team we’re against, okay?” Minho said.

  Your eyes widened, “Wait, what?”

  “Get her!”

  Soon, you were tackled on the ground by both your kid and Minho.

  “We win!” Minho said happily, picking up your child.


Taemin Version: 

"Picnic time!" Taemin said happily while he was pushing the stroller, "Hopefully it doesn’t rain."

  You laughed as you continued walking with the picnic basket, “There’s a good shady area.”

  After you set up everything, Taemin picked up your daughter and set her on the blanket.

  “Hmmm, do you want to eat ____?” you asked your daughter.

  She nodded.

  “Oh, we forgot the drinks, I’ll go buy some,” you got up and went to go find the person who was selling water and other drinks.

  _____ began to crawl away from Taemin and after you.

  “Oh,” Taemin said, crawling after her, “Don’t worry, Mommy will be back soon. Woah, you’re a fast crawler.”