B.A.P Scenario: When He Tries To Kiss You But Someone Shows Up

*By Admin Dara and Admin Bom, since Admin Dara ended up being stuck. Enjoy ^-^


Yongguk Version:

  The two of you were watching one of Yongguk favorite war movies.

  You were scared of everything that was happening so, you kept your eyes closed and cuddled closer to him.

  Yongguk seemed to like this and thought of a way to get you to not think of the movie anymore.

  He took your chin and push your head up and said, “I know what can take your mind off of this.”

  Before he could do anything Zelo popped up and said, “Hyung, are you watching my favorite movie?”

  “Where the heck did you come from?” yelled Yongguk. 

  “Oh, where you going to kiss her Hyung?” Zelo asked.

  Yongguk turned red and Zelo burst out laughing.

  “Ah, that is so cheesy!” Zelo exclaims.


Zelo Version:

  You two were on a date and playing tag.

  Then, Zelo had caught you with a laugh and stated, “Caught you ________ah.”

  Then the mood got serious and Zelo started to move in closer to you.

  Then he was tapped on the back by a little girl holding a CD, ”Zelo Oppa, can you sign this for me please?” 

  Zelo quickly turned around and flashed a smile at the little girl, “Sure.”

  “Zelo Oppa, aren’t you scared of cooties? Why are you trying to kiss that Unnie?she asks curiously.


Daehyun Version:

“Ah, Jagiya, this carnival is so fun,” Daehyun exclaims.

  You let out a laugh, “Yeah, well, after you finally agreed to loosen up a bit.”

  Daehyun turned red, “Let’s go buy some food.”

  You two decided to buy some funnel cake (with lots of powdered sugar) and a large drink to share.

  “Jagiya, say ahh,” Daehyun says.

  You opened your mouth and say ‘ahh’. Daehyun then feeds you a piece of the funnel cake.

  You two take turns feeding each other.

  “Oh, here’s a more exciting way,” Daehyun states as he puts part of the funnel cake left and leans toward you.

  You smirk and begin to lean towards him and the piece of funnel cake.

  “You two kids wanna play a game?” one of the game conductors ask.

  Both you and Daehyun jump in surprise and quickly shake your heads.

  The person shrugs, “Suit yourself then.”


Himchan Version:

“So, my mom’s making me clean my room and we can’t go on our date until I finish,” you explain to Himchan.

  “You called me over here to help you clean your room?” Himchan asked, sitting down on the, messy, bed.

  “Please?” you ask cutely.

  Himchan chuckled, “Only if I get something in the end.”

  You nodded and thne you two got started on cleaning your room.

  “Yes! We’re done!” you shouted out in happiness.

  “Hmm, not yet. I still need my half of the deal.”

  You smile and take a step closer to Himchan, “Will a kiss do?”

  Himchan nodded, trying not to look flustered at the closeness, “That would be fine.”

  You leaned in to kiss Himchan, but before you could, your mom opened the door and walked into your room.

  “Woah, it’s clean in here,” she exclaimed, “Oh, did I interupt something. Sorry.”

  Even though your mom said that she was ‘sorry’ she still just stood there examining your clean room.


Youngjae Version:

Youngjae was tutoring you in math.  

  “I can’t do this it’s so hard!” you yelled out. 

   ”Aww, come yeobo. Let’s take a break, okay? Then study more.”

  Then Youngjae saw you pouting and thought it was so cute.

  All of a sudden, Youngjae thought of something that would make you feel better.

  Almost pulling you into a kiss, there was a sudden knock on the door, “Yah! Youngjae you better get out here before Zelo eats all the chicken for dinner!” Yongguk shouts.


Jongup Version:

  Jongup and you were playing video games.

  “AHHA I beat you again haha,” you shouted victoriously.

  Jongup looked at the floor with a big cute pout on his face.

  “Jongup-ah, what would you like me to do for you to be happy again?”

  After you asked that, his face lot up like a kid in Christmas day.

  Then, he had a evil smirk on his face. He got up and came closer to you.

  Before he could do anything Himchan popped up out of nowhere, ”Oh Jongup, your playing video games? Can I play too?”