EXO-K Scenario: When You’re Scared to Sleep Alone

*Enjoy ^^ -Admin Bom


Suho Version:

  “Wait!” you shouted before Suho could go lie down next to you, “Could you check the closet?”

  Suho smiled and went over to the closet and revealed that no psycho murderer was hiding in there.

  “See? Nothing to be afraid of Jagi,” Suho said as he sat down on the bed again.

  “Hang on! What about underneath the bed and the bathroom?” you asked.

  Suho sighed while holding back a grin and then went to check those places too.

  “Jagi, I’ll be here to protect you,” he murmured as he laid down and pulled you closer.


Baekhyun Version:

  “Baekhyun, I’m scared,” you said into the phone.

  “What why? Jagi, did you go see that horror movie with your friends today?” Baekhyun asked.

  You ruffled your hair, “…No…”

  “Liar,” Baekhyun replied after a pause, “But I’m sad because I can’t be there to protect you.”

  You let out a sigh, “Yeah…”

  “Jagi, I’m going to stay on the phone with you until you fall asleep alright?” Baekhyun said confidently.

  You couldn’t help but laugh, “We both now that you’ll fall asleep soon.”

  “Nuh uh, I will stay up an- and…..”

  You were then met with the sounds of Baekhyun’s quiet snores and breathing.

  You smiled lovingly, but then heard a sound from outside.



Chanyeol Version:

  Chanyeol yawned, “Jagiya, it’s getting really late. Maybe I should go home now.”

  You didn’t reply because you were too busy trembling due to memories of the movie scenes.

  Chanyeol turned and saw your horrified expression.

  He tried to hide a smile as he put an arm around you, “Or I can just stay for the night so you won’t freak out.”

  “I like that idea,” you replied in a monotone voice.

  Chanyeol chuckled and then took a hold of your hand, “Let’s go get some sleep.”


 D.O. Version:

  “Here is some warm milk so that my Yeobo can fall asleep soundly and here’s a teddy bear that I got for you,” D.O. said with a loving smile as you handed you the items.

  “Thank you,” you chirped as you drank the milk while hugging the bear close.

  “I can’t believe that I can’t even spend the night with you. It makes me feel worse that you’re scared right now too,” D.O. exclaimed frustrated.

  You laughed and held his hand, “Don’t worry. I’m just scared because I’m having surgery tomorrow, that’s all.”

  D.O. forced a smile, “But I can’t be here for you. You’ll have your friends, but not me.”

  “My friends?”

  “Heck yeah your friends,” a voice shouted. Two of your best friends suddenly popped out of nowhere.

  “D.O. asked us to come and have a sleepover with you because he wanted to make sure you have some company so that you’ll be able to sleep easily,” one of them chirped happily.

  “Aw, thank you so much,” you directed a smile at D.O.

  “No problem. I should go now though or else the manager will be annoyed. See you tomorrow morning,” D.O. planted a soft kiss on your lips.


Kai Version:

  “Don’t tell me that you’re scared now because of that movie,” Kai said with a smirk as he crossed his arms over his chest.

  You quickly shook your head, “That’s ridiculous. It’s because of a book my friend recommended. Now that was scary,” you replied, shuddering.

  Kai chuckled, “Jagi, if you wanted me to stay for the night you could’ve just said so. No need for this act.”

  You furrowed your brow and threw a pillow at him, “In that case, get out Kai.”

  Kai shrugged and began to head towards the door.

  When you made no move to stop him, he paused and turned back around to tackle you with a hug.

  “Since you want me to leave so bad, I guess I’ll just stay,” he murmured before planting a kiss on your forehead.


Sehun Version:

  “You promise that you checked everywhere?” you asked sternly.

  Sehun flashed you a tired smile, “Of course Yeobo.”

  You let out a sigh of relief as Sehun laid down.

  “Hang on what if the killer from the movie is somewhere near now and they’re just wai-.”

  Sehun silenced you by pulling you close to his chest and covering your mouth with his hand, “Shhh. Let’s get some sleep Yeobo.”

  You pushed his hand away, “Sehu, I am seri-.”

  Now you were silenced by his lips pressing against yours.